Take a bath in nature.
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Since ancient times, plants and herbs have been servicing the health of mankind.

The bath addtives, with their specially selected substances and ethereal oils,
have a stimulating and regenerative effect.

They can also be used in Biocomfort Massana Spas.

effectively counteracts fatigue and exhaustion. Vitalises the skin and boost circulation.
soothes sensitive skin that may have a tendency to blemish.
Fir Pine Needle
improves the general elasticity of the skin. Beneficial for the respiratory tract.
soothes and strengthens body and nerves and at the same time improves the general feeling of well being.
Wild Rose
balancing and soothing for the nerves. Sensual and relaxing.
strengthens the body's defences and relaxes muscles and veins. Stimulates blood circulation.
particularly suitable for cellulite prone skin. Promotes the elasticity of the skin. Supports the removal of waste products.
supports relaxation. Cares and regenrates the skin.
Hay Flower
has a stimulating and beneficial effect on strained joints and muscles. Boosts the circulation.
Reviving energy from the Dead Sea.

For thousands of years the water of the Dead Sea has been vaporising under the glowing sun.

Here salts and minerals have a much higher concentration than in any other sea.

Biocomfort takes advantage of the effectiveness of these unique natural substances, based on purely biological substances, in a series of body care products.

Biocomfort Dead Sea Salt, unprocessed and without additives, will unfold it's refreshing qualities of the Dead Sea in you bath.

Biocomfort Bodylotion with Dead Sea Salt is a nutrient and care lotion for the natural care of the whole body. The minerals combined with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil, will make your skin smoother and more resistant. The circulation of the skin will be stimulated and the connective tissue strengthened.

Biocomfort Dead Sea Salt Cream, with it's unique natural substances, a special protective and care, combination consiting of Vitamin E and avocado oil will have a balancing effect to the moisture contents skin. The soothing substances will strengthen the resistance and improve the elasticity of the skin. Especially recommended for the care of blemished skin.

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