It is the feet which have to "stand" the most, day in and day out, in work, in sports and in lesiure time, and thus always have to perform the most.

Don't take this simply for granted.

Reward your feet with a beneficial, relaxing massage. Every day.




BioComfort pedio

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Improve your circulation by up to 60% in just 5 minutes with the Biocomfort Pedio Foot Massager from Germany.

(Full Test results from Marburg Medical University by Dr Engel and Hildebrandt.)

Excellent for the elderly, Diabetes and pople with poor circulation. Improves movement and flexibilty in legs and joints.

Relax your whole nervous system in full comfort at home or office.


Well being & regeneration begin with the feet:

A good foot massage is not only recommended for marathon runners and active athletes.

More then any others, those whose work causes them to sit all day should compensate and reward their entire body, especially the legs.

Pedio offers quick and reliable help. Not only for the feet, but the entire body relaxes and is rejuvenated.Anyone who has to stand a great deal, or who walks exceptionaly long distances should reward them selves with a relaxing massage from Pedio.

A foot massage achieves immediate results, helping your feet recover from fatigue and bringing you back into the swing of things.

A pleasant extra: warm feet. Those who enjoy the outdoors after a hard week of work appreciate healthy living.

Focused reflex zones massage with Pedio stimulates your energy flow and metabolism.

Pedio helps the body to function better, and helps you relax physically and spiritually.

Harmonious relaxation for the whole body:

Modern Technology, environmental conditions and the pressures associated with a progressive society have changed our lives.

Wherever spiralling demands, stress, monotony and lack of movement determine the course of the day, people need to rethink their existence: a new consciousness of the body.

Foot massage has proved to be an extremely effective and beneficial aid. It relaxes you, stimulates your blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and cramps, and is excellent for knee movement.


The Pedio foot massager is anotomically designed. Motor oscillations imitate manual massage, light beating - circular motions - gentle lateral stroking. The massage intensity, which can be adjusted, allows for individual treament. The massager was developed using intensive quality controls and tests. It is idealy suited to actively contribute to your general well being.



Beside the classic foot massage, the Pedio is also excellently suited for massaging the calves or underarms. For this, you use the standard basic head. Treatment can be carried out with or without shoes, or with or without cushions - whatever your personal preference.

Pedio has a multitude of uses. The standard supplementary head provided is suitable above all for effective massage of the reflex zones.


Operating the pedio is easy, a button for switching on, a slide control for selecting massage intensity.


The soles of the feet: A "reflection" of the whole body.

Foot reflex zone massaga. Experts believe that the origins of reflexology, just as it's relative acupuncture, can be traced back to more then 5000 years ago in India and China.

From this medical art, Eunice Ingham developed "reflex-zone therapy" as it is taught and practiced today. In accordance with this therapy, each part and organ of the body is connected, via the nervous system, to a specific zone on the soles of the feet. During a foot reflex-zone massage, all areas of the body can be "massaged", i.e., positively influenced.

A considerable advantage of the massage is also relaxation. Blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated, in turn promoting the disposal of waste products - this creates an overall harmony between bodily functions.

To familiarise yourself with your foot reflex zones, you should first consider the "10 pathways" which make their way through your body. After you have touched and made out the individual reflex points on the soles of your feet with the massage button on the supplementary head of the Pedio, you can carry out an effective reflex zone massage. The diagram shows you the individual zones.

The reflex zones of your body on the soles of  the feet:

  1. Nose
  2. Temple
  3. Eye
  4. Neck
  5. Ear
  6. Lungs/Bronchial Tubes
  7. Shoulder
  8. Solar Plexus
  9. Heart
  10. Liver
  11. Stomach/Pancreas
  12. Kidney
  13. Spleen
  14. Spinal Cord
  15. Large Intenstine
  16. Small Intenstine
  17. Appendix
  18. Bladder
  19. Knee
  20. Sciatica

Technical Data:

  • Foot massager with continuous adjustment control electronics.
  • Supplied:
    Vibration Foot massager (continuously adjustable) with basic head.
  • Supplementary head with massage finger for reflex zone massage.
  • Technical Data:
    110 - 240V, 50/60 Hz, 100W
  • Warranty:
    Two years from delivery date.

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