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Daily massage - The source of fitness and health.

Now days, we are under increased physical and mental stress in all areas of life. The consquences are widely known:

Exhaustion, poor posture, cramps and tense muscles and joints. The right thing to do is to promptly creats a balance. Fight these problems with "massagers which caress you".

Regular massage with the massator is the best anti-stress therapy. It relaxes the entire body and mobilizes new health and energy reserves.

Professional and personal massage treatment

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Practical accessories have been,
developed for the massator, which can simply attached to the base plate.

The spiked brush, for stimulating the scalp and the soles of the feet.

The studded plate, perfect for massaging the upper body, the legs and the feet.

The natural brush plate, perfect for full body massage.

Increased vitality and well being from head to toe.

Health care through regular massage: it improves the way your body feels, relaxes you and increases your body's level of performance. Develop your own individual massage program with the massator.

If you feel tired and listless, a full body massage gets your ciculation going properly again. Cold feet? Have you got problems with your circulation? Take precautions with a leg massage or a foot reflex zone massage, which stimualtes all organs of the body.

A thorough massage in the back and neck area is quickly effective in treating cramps and relaxes the muscles and nerves.The massator is also an essential helper if you are involved in sports, it loosens, prepares and warms up the body - before as well as after sporting activities.

The most important thing of any successful massage treatment is not it's duration but it's regularity.

The suction cup which supports the blood circulation in the peripheral cutaneous tissue. Perfect for face, neck and bust. The attachments are helpful for beauty care and cosmetic treatment.
The cosmetic sponge, which was developed for face, neck and cosmetic massage, and is ideal for distributing skin lotions. All attachments are simply screwed into the base plate. Switch it on and it's ready for use.
The natural hair brush, which cleans and stimulates the skin to the depth of the pores. For face, neck and shoulders.  
The massage finger, which is used for effective reflex zone massage and acupressure.  

Massage effective in cosmetic and beauty care.

Did you know that looking good and having a youthful personality depend a great deal upon your physical and spiritual balance? Feeling good in your own skin means looking for harmony "inside and out". Pay attention, therfore not only to a balanced diet and sufficient exercise - but to daily beauty care as well. The massator is ideal to help you do this. The gentle vibration massage prevents mature signs of again (e.g. cellulite and weak connectice tissue). It supports the discharge of wastes and the blood circulation. This reactivates lymph and nerve paths and makes the skin taut and supple. The massators various massage attachments are easy to fit and guarrantee a wide of uses, suites to your own "little problems" and needs.

Included in the package: 

Massator with heated base plate
Natural brush plate
Spiked brush
Studded plate
Cosmetic brush
Suction cup
Massage finger
Stand for back massage while on your own, wall bracket for stand with plugs and screws.
Storage case

The home massage of the future: Comfort in every area.
We feel particularly good in warm water or in the sun. Therefore the massator, too, has been fitted with a source of warmth, it makes the massage more pleasant and friendly to the body. The pleasant warmth, combined with the massage strength choose, has a lasting effect on the muscular system and a deep, healing effect on the whole body. The built in heater quickly and automaitically provides an even surface temperature on the massage base plate. The heating units can simply be switched off whenever this is desired.
Technical Data:

Mains voltage
  110 - 240V 50 - 60 Hz
* Motor power 45W
* Motor speed adjustable
  from approx 700 to
  2750 rpm
* Heating plate power 50W
  Massage plate warmup
  time from 20C to 45C
  approx 50 sec.
* Usable length of the cable  3m
* Weight of massator 1.4kgs
* Weight of case: approx 1.3kgs
* Weight of stand: approx  0.8kgs

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