If you choose the Megawhirl setting, the vigorous, powerful bubbles deliver an intensive massage penetrating deep into the muscles, joints and internal organs. This stimulates the blood circulation, boosts the supply of blood deep into the body.

A new technology producing more then 15 million bubbles per second. As the bubbles travel upward, they gently stroke your skin.
This causes a constant flow of stimulation to your central nervous system. Muscular tension is relaxed. Body and mind are harmonized, becoming more relaxed.

Everything can be assembled effortlessly and fast, then cleared away again - in the smallest of spaces

And that is unique. After all, everyone knows the space problems created by lots of individual parts.

A few strokes of the hand and your private therapy spa is ready and whirling: after use it can be stored away in a minimum of space.

That really is unique - but only with Massana


The secret is the innovative Megawhirl mat!

The new MegaWhirl aerated mat is the first of it's kind to be designed on the basis of the human body as the "measure of all things".

Not only is the shape of the mat geared to the human body, but the layout of the massage jets is precisely matched to those points of the body which are frequently in pain.


Choose the Massana Megawhirl
bath program to suit your needs
Refreshment bath - gently rising and falling bubble intensity. Ideal bath oils Melissa, Camomile.
Fitness bath - like waves breaking on the shore: fully automatic alternating whirling intensity and duration. Ideal bath oils Fir pine needles, Rosemary
Relaxation Bath - the whirling intensity rises and falls rhythmically. Ideal bath oil melissa, Camomile.
Active bath - a stimulating bath alternating between gentle and forceful. Ideal bath oils Horse Chestnut, Fir pine needles.
Caring bath - the whirling intensity gradually rises and falls over 20 second intervals. Ideal bath oil Hayflower.


massana megawhirl

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Hydrotherapy at its best.
Without plumbing, tiling or installation costs.

Especially designed by Health Professionals in Germany to gain maximum
results and benefits for the treatment of Arthritis, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Poor Circulation, Stress and Sore Muscles.

Do you dream of having a whirlpool in your bathtub? You deserve something better than that - something that has been adapted to your body' s needs. A source of relaxation and joy. With the Massana Megawhirl hydro therapy you tap into the two most important life-giving elements, water and oxygen, both for relaxation and to treat your health problems.

Engineered by the multi billion dollar company, Festo, nothing compares with the Massana Megawhirl on the market today. It is used by many Hospitals and Nursing Homes throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Can be fitted to any bath without plumbing or renovations costs. It is fully portable, you can even take it on holidays with you.

Clients who already have spa baths in their homes have purchased the Massana Megawhirl for their spa baths, so they can enjoy the 42 adjustable jets fully massaging their entire body.

Just lay back and feel the difference,

Price: $2,390.00
Latest Digital Model Now Available

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*Foot Spa Optional Extra

Areas massaged while you are lying down:

Cervical Spine: the effervescent massage durably relaxes tense muscles which are often the cause of headaches.

Shoulder Area: an effective whirling massage that takes in the shoulder blades, joints and neck. The result is a targeted relaxation of tense muscular groups, reduction of strain on the tendon attachments on the back of the head.

Lateral trunk muscles: these are the muscles that have to 'hold us up' day in and day out. So let's treat them to a beneficial massage in the evening, a gentle relaxation in warm water.

Hips: strain occurs in this area due to frequent bending, sporting activities or even prolonged periods of sitting. The unique mixture of gentle and vigorous massage relaxes the strained muscles around the hip joint.

Reflex Zones: when lying down, you can place the soles of your feet on the 4 jets at the end of the mat. The whirling massage stimulates the reflex zones, and simultaneously the function of internal organs.


Cervical vertebrae: the whirling massage primarily targets the deeper tissue. The resultant relaxation improves the mobility of the hips and lower back.

Sciatic nerve: a gentle massage of the lumbar region can soothe an inflamed nerve and loosen the cramp it has caused.

Thigh: after prolonged periods spent on your feet or sitting with your legs tucked in, or strenuous bicycling and jogging, the muscle groups in the thigh region appreciate a refreshingly relaxing all round massage that also boosts the circulation.

Knee: there are even 2 jets on either side of the mat for the overstrained and frequently painful knee joint. The aim is to loosen and flush out harmful waste products, as well as to improve the supply of blood to the joint.

Calf: few people can claim they have never suffered from painful cramps in the calf. There are many reasons for such problems, but effective methods of treatment are few. Try the whirl massage, which envelops the entire peroneal muscles and kneads it through, almost like the hands of a professional masseur.



The 10 effects of the Massana Megawhirl

  1. 1. The air bubbles nestle close together on the body, giving you more buoyancy and the sensation of being gravity free.
  2. Oxygen and essential oils are presses into the pores of the skin.
  3. Particles of dirt and cutaneous scales are detached, the resultant cleansing of the skin is similar to that achieved by peeling.
  4. The bubbles have a cupping effect on the skin, promoting the flow of blood to the skin and removing impurities. The skin takes on a fresh and rosy appearance.
  5. The constant oscillation of the body hair caused by air bubbles attaching and detaching themselves transmits a stimulatory current to the central nervous system. This soothes and relaxes both mind and body.
  6. The supply of blood to the internal organs also increases - another reaction to the "bubble shower".
  7. Bath oils added to the water are distributed very finely and can spread their healing effects through the skin.
  8. Due to the whirling water, the essential oils in the bath additive strongly permeate the air breathed in above the bathwater and so can penetrate deep into the bronchial system. Studies have confirmed a ten fold increase in the essential oil content in the blood serum.
  9. Bacteria present in the bathwater are neutralised by.
    a) the antibacterial impregnation of the aerating fleece membrane used on the mat.
    b) the ozone sterilisation unit built into the Massana.
  10. Due to the intensive aeration, the heat exchange between bathwater and body is faster. Depending on the bathing cure chosen, a heat transfer or heat removal is desirable.

Benefits And Usage Of The Massana Spa & 42 Jet Massage

  • Softest, most comfortable and durable Spa Pad and fully adjustable jets
  • Safest, Non-Slip Pad with extra large suctions
  • Largest Inbuilt Heating System (300 watt heater) Approved and used in over 80 Government and Private Hospitals throughout Australia, for hospital patient treatment.
  • Fits any size bath, fully portable stand up model.
  • It is so portable, you can even take it on holidays with you.
  • No installation, no tiling, building or plumbing costs.
  • Economical to run, 8 cents per 1/2 hour on full speed.
  • The Massana Spa produces OZONE which is instantly converted to OXYGEN in your bath. This has a sterilising influence, inhibits infection, deodorises and promotes healing and circulation.
  • Water-saving - you only need to half fill your bath. An 8 minute shower will use 250 litres of water while a very full bath¬† will just top 120 litres. (Reference: Woman's Day 22/5/95).
  • 10 speed variable control to adjust to your requirements.
  • 5 speed variable Massage program plus drying cycle
  • 2 year Australia wide guarantee.
  • As powerful as a built in spa, the Massana provides 42 adjustable jets in a rotating swirling action to massage the whole body.
  • When using the Massana spa your circulation improves and this supplies more nutrients to your body which improves skin tone, removes toxins from the body and gives you a feeling of well-being.
  • Sleeping improves and joint swelling will be reduced.
  • We have many happy customers that gain relief from Arthritis, Back Pain, Poor Circulation, Neck Tension, Stress, Asthma, Emphysema and Bronchitis.

Technical Data

Massana Air Whirling Blower

800 W current input, 300W heating output, energy saving by automatic cutoff at operating temperature. Air flow rate 1250 l/min., impact pressure 140 mbar, air temperature at inlet of air whirling mat 55'C. Safety system protecting against back flowing water integrated in motor unit.

Megawhirl Mat

Maximum length 1390mm, maximum width 400mm, weight with injection valve and seat cushion 2.5kgs. UV treated soft PVC. Mat upper part: 42 air delivery jets. A megawhirl or cover plate can be placed on every air delivery jet instead of a fleece rosette. For technical reasons, however, no more than 5 cover plates may be used at any time. Mat bottom part: 40 suction cups to stop sliding.

Testimonials - Some Very Happy Clients

" I have had my Massana Megawhirl spa for nearly two years, and it is one of the best investments I have made in my health.

Living with a chronic pain condition which affects my hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head, I find the spa of great help in alleviating the pain, stress and stiffness, I really noticed the difference when I was unable to use it for a few weeks. Pain and tension increased, and it was such a relief to get back to my magical spa sessions.

I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome, and find that there are no drugs or quick fix treatments to help me, so the spa is a godsend.

As a bonus, I have found that the texture and tone of my skin has improved, and annoying spots and pimples almost vanished. My skin is smoother, and creams and unguents are more effectively absorbed.

My bathroom has become a temple of beauty and healing, and a sanctuary away from care and worry. In short, I cannot recommend the Massana Megawhirl highly enough.

I would add though, that one needn't suffer from a pain condition in order to indulge and enjoy the benefits of this fabulous system!"
- H.Davies, Narrabundah ACT

" I purchased the Massana Biocomfort Spa System in Sept, 2003 and use it every 2-3 days. I am writing to let you know that I consider it to be one of the best investments I have ever made.

The bath is easy to use, its many features are simple to operate and one has a feeling of total relaxation at the conclusion of the personally nominated bath time. I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone seeking total bath enjoyment.

May I also take this opportunity to congratulate your company and staff for the outstanding service and courtesy extended to me when ordering supplies."
- M Klein, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria

And here are some more of the many testimonials we receive at Advanced Therapy Spas every year.

Aches & Pains

"As a retired Medical Reactionary, with over 40 years in active practice, it did all you claim in the matter of relieving aches and pains. It is indeed and excellent piece of apparatus and we are delighted with it."
- R.M. Williams, Vic (B.Sch.M.B.B.Ch)

"I no longer need Physiotherapy treatment and rarely, if ever, need to take pain killers. I was able to increase my daily walk to a regular half hour and sometimes longer. Being free of pain means I sleep better, and for a longer period of time, thus facilitating further healing."
- A.S.Thompson, SA


"I was getting physio treatment for my arthritis. Since purchasing the "Massana" I have no need for physio nor do I have to take tablets."
- Betty McKenzie, Vic.

Back Pain

"I have found relief for my back and other aching limbs. The other members of the family enjoy its soothing qualities. I thought I would be able to use the spa at any time but find I almost have to book the bathroom to use it."
- David Keall, Vic.


"My bronchitis has just about disappeared completely, and now instead of many visits to the physio for my back pain management , I find 10 minutes from the spa has provided equal relief, and I can do it in the comfort of my own home."
- Michelle Dennis, Vic.


"The Massana is much better than our own spa bath into which the portable one has been placed. The built-in spa never worked properly, it often splashed all over the walls and floor of our bathroom but also, at time, its water contained black dirt which we had never been able to eradicate. No complaints with this Massana spa which receives full marks."
- Mrs L Barlow, Vic.

Muscular Dystrophy

"Vince has muscular dystrophy and his muscle tone and power is severely affected. Vince has found the spa to be very therapeutic for relaxing his muscle tone and enabling him to move more freely and maintain the function that he has."
- Sandra Dunstone, Norther Disability Linkages, Vic.

Muscular Pain

"Apart from feeling totally relaxed after a spa, I find that I am more alert, require less sleep, and have total relief from any muscular pain. My only regret is that I cannot stay in the Massana spa all day."
- Steve O'Connor, NSW

"I suffer from a very painful muscular disorder. With very little relief from prescription drugs, I started looking at the natural alternatives and found your products have brought tremendous relief to me for which I, my muscles, and (because I am easier to live with), my husband are very grateful."
- Margaret Banyer, SA

Poor Circulation

"The massage therapy of the "Massana" is a great benefit to residents with circulatory problems, enhancing their skin conditions and promoting healing."
- Director of Nursing, Mrs Blyton, Dromana Private Hospital, Vic.


"I was suffering from muscular rheumatism for about 12 months and was on medication which helped for a period of time. After 2 to 3 weeks (of using the Massana) I was feeling very much better,my whole body free of pain and cramp."
- John Sutton, Tas.


"As an 88 year old, I use it on a daily basis, and have not needed to revisit my physiotherapist over the past fourteen months. Without this sciatica problem, I am getting around like a champion."
- Eric Whillans, Vic.

Stress Relief

"Many of our children are restless and unsettled. Putting them in the bath with the spa on relaxes and calms them. It has a very settling affect and they enjoy it immensely."
- Sandra Yole, Very Special Kids, Vic.

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Health and well-being in one appliance:

1. Finest micro-bubble massage Relaxes and reduces pressure

Soothes and harmonizes

Lifts your mood


2. The MegaWhirl bath Massages and purifies

Boosts the flow of blood

Stabilises the circulation


3. Optimum bathing comfort Exchangeable aerator jets

The world's only cabinet appliance

Clearly organised, simple and safe to use

Relief of pain in your own bath:

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German technology:

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