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Never before had I known anything as useful as the Biocomfort Duo.
Ruodolf Mayer, Masseur.

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For years therapists and masseurs have associated the name Biocomfort with genuine help and convenience in their daily work. Practical experience has shown the vibration massage as offered by the Biocomfort Duo primarily for preparatory massage and follow up treatment to be especially effective with most of the patients problems. Proven technology as a welcome help and convenience for the professional user.

A Professional Massage Unit
The BioComfort Duo has been designed to contour to the shape of the body, for precise control, whether operated with one or both hands. It has a conveniently located two speed operating switch to ensure that massage is maintained even when altering the intensity. The Biocomfort Duo - Developed by experts, Designed for professionals.
Easy Handling with Optimal Deep
Penetration Effect

The Duo's vibrations penetrate in proportion to the pressure applied. The unit's 2.5kg weight has the advantage of applying pressure without over taxing the operator, whilst ensuring precise handling and easy use.
Powerful Energy Source
The robust and powerful motor provides a  circular movement for an effective vibration massage with flexible movement control. The Duo's two speeds provides the operator with a means of treating a wide range of problems; to improve rheumatic disorders, spinal disorders, circulation problems, spasms or for the treatment of certain internal organs.
The Concave Massage Soleplate
In order to massage the entire body, even curved areas, the Duo is equipped with a concave base plate. For the selective treatment of small, well defined areas of the body, such as the reflex zones, the narrow edge of the unit and the point can be used to great effect.
Ball Studded
Natural Brush

Accessories for Special Requirements

A further advantage of the Biocomfort Duo lies in its flexible adaptability, because different massage situations naturally require a suitably adapted surface on the body, adequate in terms of material and surface structure. In addition to the concave massage soleplate permanently installed on the unit, three further massage surface are available for individual selection. A ball studded plate, for penetration of deep tissue. A natural brush plate, for boosting circulation. A tapoteur, for thorax and soft tissue areas.

Testimonials - Comments From Just A Few Of Our Satisfied Customers

"We've found that the Massator is better than a second pair of thumbs. The unique characteristics of the Massator has allowed us to achieve far more efficient muscle work while increasing patient comfort due to the anesthetic like effect that vibration has. We have also found that it has been able to increase circulation and proprioception, have amazing effects on areas of fibrosis, and revitalise lymphatic and interstitial flow! We consider it the Rolls Royce of massagers; it has transformed our treatment programs with results that are startling. It produces little noise and has great versatility - it is able to be used on all body parts.

I have used this machine for 20+ years. It is reliable and suitable for continuous use - a five star product!"

- Rodney Steventon, D.C., D.O.,J.P., Burwood Chiropractic Centre NSW Aust, 2002.


"Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to tell you how good your product, the BioComfort Massager is. I have used other brands of Massagers and have found them to be nowhere near as good.

I am a magnetic therapist and I use the massager in all my treatments. I have found this really enhances the healing benefits of treatments. My patients love it, they never let me forget to use it. I have found that it is the only massager. that really vibrates through the body, deep into the tissues and muscles. It also helps the patient to relax and enjoy it.

I would not have the success I have had if it were not for your product. I recommend this product to everyone. I believe it is the best on the market at present."

- J.Sommers, Buderim Qld Aust - Sept 2002.


"I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of the BioComfort Duo Massage units which we recently purchased. I have used most vibration massagers on the market, including GK3, Vitamed & Thumper but the Biocomfort Duo is more powerful, versatile and easy to use than any of the other machines.

Patients love the vibration and results with some stubborn conditions has been exceptional. Many thanks."

- Dr J.Saville, B.App.Sc (Chiro) Mornington Chiropractic Centrem Mt Eliza Vic.


The BioComfort Duo Massager is the best on the market and is responsible for countless rapid relief from pain and cure of many long lasting muscular complaints.

Hopefully many more practitioners will now be able to obtain their machines simply from you and all people with deep seated muscular disfunction can look forward to pain free treatment and a rapid return to good health. Thank you..."

- John Pedersen C.T.T-M.S.T.T. Massage Therapist, Feb 2002.


Dear Sir, I am happy to let you know how impressed I am with the BioComfort Massator Duo that I have been using for the past 12 months.

As a racehorse trainer I work long hours and find I am very sore and that the Duo relieves the pain of sore shoulders and back muscles. I have also started using the Duo on some of my horses and am impressed with the durability, ease of use and the strength of the Duo which allows deep penetration and helps with stubborn conditions that thoroughbred race horses suffer. Any edge that can be achieved in the racing game is certainly appreciated and can mean the difference between winning and losing.

I have also had requests from my stable staff tousle the Duo especially after riding track work where the Duo relieves the tightness and soreness around the legs and lower back that all jockeys suffer with.

I have found the Duo to be excellent value for money and would highly recommend the Duo to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one.

- R.E.Laing, Racehorse Trainer, Lyndhurst Vic.


Thank you for supplying me with the necessary parts for my Duo Massator. I have been in private practice for 34 years and have two Duo Massators.

I am extremely happy with them as I use them everyday and they have been very reliable. During this time, I have only had to replace the rubber mounts twice.

George M. Portelli, D.C.D.O.JP Chiropractor, Sydney NSW, Sept 2004


An Expert Opinion - Prof Dr. Med. Wilhelm Thomsen - January 1974

In light of many years of specialisation in the treatment and rehabilitation of people injured in sporting mishaps, I can confirm that massage by power appliances ("vibro-massage") has played a major role in modern remedial treatment for a considerable time and is steadily growing in importance.

The special merit of vibratory massage is the way it supplements the art of the skilled manual masseur, who will always maintain his or her irreplaceable position, and reinforces the remedial action.

It saves the masseur valuable time and physical effort in loosening up powerful muscle knots, for instance, so that he can devote himself more to his proper task of localised therapeutic manipulation. Vibratory massage complements and extends the therapeutic methods of the masseur by its specific physiological effects. Particularly notable among these is the proven stimulation of blood circulation by the effect of heat on feet and calves.

The KURT STOLL K.G. company (BioComfort - Festo), under my continuous consultant advice, has made a leading contribution to this welcome development in modern massage treatment. The MASSATOR-DUO electrical appliance made by them is tailored to the needs of the professional masseur.

For many years, I have headed the schools for remedial physical exercises and massage of the Friedrichshiem University Orthopedic Clinic in Frankfurt / Main. This gave me an opportunity to carry out comparative studies of manual and powered massaging methods and to draw up specific criteria for the design of electrical massaging appliances.

The MASSATOR-DUO ideally complies with these guidelines:-

  1. Of portable design, it is perfectly balanced in vibratory performance and weight. For massaging large areas it can be easily advanced on any part of the body.
  2. Without any additional pressure, the machine generates deeply penetrating vibrations and simultaneously oscillates horizontally. In this way, the manipulated surface is also shifted tangentially to stimulate the functions of the skin and subcutaneous cell tissue.
  3. Two speeds are available for closer matching of vibration rate to the remedial work at hand:
    Slow - penetrating action, for instance to achieve in-depth relaxation
    Fast - preferred for reflexive treatment of a localised area to improve blood circulation and similar indications.
  4. Of solid construction, the machine is tough enough to stand up to continuous hard duty, yet allows sensitive, finely controlled handling by the two grips provided.
  5. Several functional attachments open up more specialised fields beyond the general application.

I would like to stress here in particular the rubber TAPOTEUR available for the MASSATOR-DUO which expands its range well beyond the muscle massage therapy.

At present, highly promising experiments, in collaboration with a specialist in internal medicine, are under way, using the MASSATOR-DUO with TAPOTEUR fitted to:

- assist deep breathing exercises and stimulate poorly functioning or pathologically enlarged lung sections (i.e. atelectasis or bronchial aneurysm).

- revitalise sluggish peristaltic action of large intestine in case of chronic constipation.

Increased remedial effects can be obtained on smaller body surfaces(joints, small of back, lower vertebrae, shoulder region or ball and toes of foot), when using the MASSATOR-DUO in conjunction with the TAPOTEUR.

Based on these facts, I can recommend the MASSATOR-DUO as a most efficient and functional power appliance for all trainer masseurs. I know that a number of well known colleagues in the medical and physical therapy field share this positive opinion derived from practical experience.



Brand BioComfort Duo
Model name Massator-Duo (however the massager is always referred to as BioComfort Duo Massager)
Colours Ivory (Pearl)
Weight 5.512 lbs or 2.5 kgs

Length: 10 5/8"  or  270mm
Width: 3 5/8" or  90mm
Height: 5 7/8" or 150mm

Power Cord Length 9' 7/8"  or   3 metres
Rating Power Voltage 240V / AC / 50Hz / Earthed
Rating Power Consumption - Level 1 (Slow) 55 W / 1350 Upm
Rating Power Consumption - Level 2 (Fast) 85 W / 2870 Upm
Design Ergonomic and easy to use
Operating time duration Continuous
Accessories included
  • Ball studded plate
  • Natural brush / bristle plate
  • Tapoteur (rubber fitting)
Instruction Manual Yes - Easy to read instructions, very well illustrated, lots of example pictures.


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