We have vacancies available for agents in various areas around Australia and New Zealand. We are looking for highly motivated sales people to promote and sell the BioComfort Health porducts. This is a rare opportunity available for the right person or persons.

Packages start from $25,000 including full training, stock, equipment, and follow up support. We have a fully proven marketing system and we currently have agents who have been with the company for 18 years. There is excellent money to be made for the right person or persons to run their own business.


Advanced Therapy Spas (Aust) Pty Ltd has been established for 19 years as the sole Australian and New Zealand importer of all Biocomfort products. Biocomfort is the medical division of the multi-national company Festo Engineering in Germany and they specialize in the manufacturing of the exclusive health and therapeutic product range described on other pages of this website. Festo is one of the leading Engineering Company s in Europe presently.

Previously the Directors of Advanced Therapy Spas (Aust) Pty Ltd were involved in the manufacturing of their own products and realised to be successful and to supply a world class product, they would be better off dealing with a Multi National Company that distributes their products world wide. Altogether the directors have been involved in the health and therapeutic field for 25 years.

Due to the large market potential, we have realised that we need more operators in the field. That is why we are giving the opportunity for the right people or persons to join our successful organisation to operate a rapidly expanding and profitable business. We are in our second phase of expansion around Australia and New Zealand.

We have a fully proven marketing system that we have been using and improving over the last 19 years. With full support from Advanced Therapy Spas and our supplier Biocomfort, we feel that the right persons or people will be very successful.

As part of the Advanced Therapy Spas (Aust) Pty Ltd organisation you will be trained in your area by one of our top agents at our expense. All sales during this period will be credited to the new agent. i.e. sold from agents initial stock.

What type of business is right for me?

Ask yourself - What type of business is right for you?

  1. A business with a large investment and many staff or
  2. A self owned A.T.S. agency.

We would like to point out a few things that may help your decision.

1) Business with large investment

This usually means large overheads, such as premises rental, large operating space, maintenance, payrolls, workcover and other such expenses.
Is this really what you are really interested in? or

2) A Self Owned A.T.S. Agency

Where you have the option of working part time or full time. Can be worked as an individual or ideal for husband and wife operating their business from home, or on a larger scale with Commission Representatives working for you.

Remember You are never alone as a A.T.S. agent. You are not left to fend for yourself in an unfamiliar venture. You have the back up of the directors, staff and other agents to assist you with all aspects of your business - along with our proven track record and most importantly EXCELLENT EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS.

For more information on our Agency packages. Call us on 1800 1800 49 or send us your details on:

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